Have You Been Missing Out?

Jan 3, 2023

Have you been missing out?

I’ve seen lots of posting on social media during the latter half of December with Christmas greetings, best wishes, observations and asking questions, and statements of looking forward to the new year plans and good news.

Part of me has been thinking “I should be doing this. I should be posting news and thoughts between Christmas and New Year. I need to be making my presence obvious. People will forget me.”

“I’m missing out on this.”

Well, we all have our own approaches to life and our businesses, and I decided that I would follow my own recommendations and allow myself personal time away from work (that means going to bed late, enjoying my food, going for walks, reading a book without guilt) as that’s what I advocate to clients and others that I work with. Even though a positive Covid test in the family cancelled most of our plans of meeting up with people, I didn’t use that as an excuse to get down to work, but to do things for myself and catch up on some DIY jobs that have been lingering on.

Did that make for a total break from work?
Of course not! There are always times where something pops into your head related to a work or business matter and having a notebook handy to park those thoughts is a great idea.

However, without the clutter of everything else that would normally make up a working day, these thoughts have remarkable clarity and value, and probably better than if I’d had to make a conscious effort to come up with ideas.

As for posting articles and incisive thoughts on social media: you deserve a break from the noise and distractions too; your time should be respected, and there’s plenty of other posts to read if you want to.

Giving myself some respect obviously works as well and we’re ready to make more of a difference by giving you and your business respect throughout 2023 and beyond.

More on that thought to come!