Engineering solutions that respect your business

From operations to strategy, we provide engineering solutions to overwhelmed decision-makers in the manufacturing industry.

So you get the most out of your business

Engineering Solutions with MATL

Simpler solutions for manufacturing problems

Are you pushed for time? Stretched for resources? Short of specialist knowledge?

Our engineering solutions take the stresses out of your manufacturing business, so your processes, people and plant all work in harmony again.

Which frees you to do the things that matter to you and grow your business.

“Engineering” is solving problems by applying science and maths.

“Engineering” is skilfully creating, directing and managing with precision.

“Engineering” is seen as being robust, sustainable, reliable and fit-for-purpose.


We do it all for you.

How we help you


Are you frustrated to be pulled into everyday operations that you thought you had delegated?

Just can’t get your own work done?

If you can’t take a holiday or weekend without having to worry about the business or never catch up on things that take your business forward instead of just “operating”...

Our Leader Liberation Planning Service can solve this for you.


Do you need productivity improvements?

Struggling to make them happen?

Can't get team and boardroom buy-in?

If you feel stuck between “we’ve always done it this way” and your knowledge it can be done better, safer and more profitably...

Our Production Improvement Service can take the load.


Do you need to reduce your operating costs, solve your biggest problems, generate new ideas for your business, build the skills of your team and somehow find more time for your workforce…

Whether you need occasional technical or business advice, mentoring for you or a team member, need industry insight or just a trusted critical friend,

Our custom Manufacturing Support Service can provide you with that sound experience on tap.


Do you have a project in mind, but not the design you need to make sure your suppliers can provide it? On time? On budget? With minimum disruption?

If you need project design details that your own clients, management and project team can relate to.

And get behind,

Our Front End Engineering Design [FEED] Service delivers confidence and clears away confusion

Engineering Solutions with MATL

Why choose MATL

● Your team are actively involved in, and engaged with, any solution-building
● You benefit from ideas and solutions from within, and outside of, your own industry
● You get freedom from frameworks, jargon and pre-defined equipment
● You’re provided with an easy-to-understand structured approach, not a magic wand
● You’re released from being tied in to day-to-day operational decisions

We’re focused on your business identity and the strengths of your people. We get the best out of what you have by bringing together your capability and our experience.

Working with you


We are proud to be independent of any equipment manufacturers or specific solutions. We don’t bring you a ready-made solution before we’ve helped you to understand and define the actual problem.

Anything we propose must be:

  • Right for you.
  • Something you can manage yourselves without being forced to be dependent on a third party.
  • Understandable by your own people.
No jargon

We’re Engineers. Our intent is always to be clear and concise. We hate jargon, abbreviations, industry buzzwords, corporate-speak and secret codes.

We ask if we don’t understand, and we encourage you to do so too, so mistakes don’t get made.

Human in attitude and interest

Our priority is to ensure that your people are included, their needs and concerns are taken into account and that their skills are engaged to benefit your company and their development.

Your team will be keen and capable of overcoming problems, making improvements and spotting opportunities. However, they may lack the confidence, the time or the language to bring them forward.

We develop a strong, trusting relationship with your team and develop their ideas with their buy-in. This results in you having a willing team to move ahead, solutions that they want to own and an increased confidence to be proactive.

Wide range of industries

Every business is unique, so their solution should be too.

With our experiences drawn from a huge range of industries (water, chemical, food, materials handling, energy, machinery), we are able to provide bespoke engineering solutions for your unique circumstances.

You are the expert in your own business and industry; let us be the window to ideas that you may not have seen before.

We genuinely want to help you

Our mission statement is:

We help overwhelmed business owners get the most out of what they have, by bringing together their capability and our experience.
From operations to strategy, we provide solutions, not just answers.

From our initial contact, we’re excited to move you forwards.

We will provide you with engineering solutions so you can get the most out of your business.

As we work together, we will also flag any other opportunities that you may not be aware of that would benefit your business.

We are always looking at your bigger picture and how we can help you maximise your business.

What our clients say about us

“The engagement of MATL literally transformed supplier performance, providing greatly enhanced electrical design and general systems capabilities.”

John C., Automation Manager,
Water supply company

“The information sharing was of the highest standard and a vast improvement on the practice already in place.”

James E., Business Manager,
Training and skills provider

“I worked alongside Peter and MATL, and they demonstrated they were keen to find the best solution, never shy to challenge the status quo, and were always structured, professional, inclusive and pragmatic.”

Adrian W., Commissioning Manager,
Renewable energy developer

“Peter shows commitment and dedication to ensuring that MATL is the best it can be in terms of providing solutions for its customers.”

Peter B., Owner, Business support company

“The work you’ve done will certainly help lay the pathway to a full engineered solution, so money well spent in my view.”

Andrew C., Plant Manager, Pharmaceutical manufacturer

Simpler solutions for manufacturing problems, see how we can help