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Leader Liberation Plan

Do you seem to be working every hour of every day?
Do you seem to do EVERYTHING at work?
Would you like a better work-life balance?

Our bespoke Leader Liberation Plan could be just what you need…

What’s your pain?

Do you seem to be working every hour of every day?

Do you seem to do EVERYTHING at work?

Can’t take much holiday for fear of the chaos that will meet you on your return?

Would you like a better work life balance?

Or maybe thinking to the next few years when maybe you’d like to retire and pass on the business to its next custodian?

Engineering Solutions with MATL - Leader Liberation Plan

Why we get it

When you start or take over a business it’s exciting, there are things you want to get in place. It’s a project, not just a job, and you put the effort and the time in to make it go places. But after a while, that extra effort is part of normality, and the first flush has now become routine.

And you are part of the relentless machinery picking up the jobs that no-one else is doing.

Then the guilt sets in: you feel you SHOULD be able to do more, and you OUGHT TO cover for all of the jobs and you have a DUTY to your staff.

And as you are part of the essence of the business it’s almost impossible to separate from that.

How we help you

From your first call for support, we will discover with you what are the roots of your concerns. We understand that with time pressures it can be challenging to balance this time to offload with the immediate demands of the business, so we work with you on this. Often, other less obvious concerns show themselves during this part.

We’re also really interested in what steps you’ve taken yourself. We’ve all heard “We tried that before – it didn’t work” many times, so it’s worth checking whether anything has changed since then or knowing what to avoid if not.

We know there will be expectations on your area of management as well as your personal needs, and it’s important that we also factor in future plans where possible so that action now doesn’t block action for later.

Because we’re also technical engineers, we don’t just narrow our focus on business operations, but include the manufacturing processes too, so opportunities to unlock capabilities in machinery and the people who use it often give a significant boost to productivity and successfully offload demands on you. We’re used to being seen as an intermediary that production teams vent their frustrations and good ideas on, that they don’t bring to you – often through respect or lack of confidence.

We won’t impose a formulaic framework, nor do we bring a shedload of jargon. Each business and every team is different from others – it’s what makes you different, and it’s what makes us different too!

Your plan is bespoke to you and your business. We’re there to help you introduce any changes without draining more of your own time. You get to spend that doing your own job.

And weekends.

Want to know more? Take a look at our case studies or contact us here

Engineering Solutions with MATL - Leader Liberation Plan

What our clients say about us

“Peter is a pleasure to work with, and has shown exceptional expertise in motivation, coaching and leadership.”

Jamie W., EPC Account Manager,
Instrument manufacturer

“The outcomes were impressive and improvements were quick... I was confident in Peter’s abilities, skills, leadership and organisation that he was clearly the right choice.”

James E., Business Manager,
Training and skills provider

“Peter has shared this best practice/ new ideas to improve not only his local area of responsibility but also the Team as a whole.”

James E., Business Manager,
Training and skills provider

“The information sharing was of the highest standard and a vast improvement on the practice already in place.”

James E., Business Manager,
Training and skills provider

“Peter has reviewed the communication methods and developed a working document to provide scope to improve the communication with stakeholders.”

James E., Business Manager,
Training and skills provider

“Peter did an excellent job of critically evaluating the interaction and interpersonal dynamics of the involved parties ... in a respectful way that ultimately resulted in a successful outcome for the different companies and ultimately for the project.”

Jerod S., CEO,
Renewable energy developer

Our Leader Liberation Plan Case Studies

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