A Sustainable Update!

Apr 19, 2021

Posted on 19th April 2021 at 14:39
At MAT Ltd we take sustainability seriously and look to improve both our own business and factor it in when consulting our clients. We know that it’s important to try and make or take more sustainable options if they are available; MATL’s office is mainly run with power from our solar panels, which also put back into the grid, we also have a small log burner fire here in the office for those chilly winter days, which our resident office cat Tilly also enjoys thoroughly!
The headline benefits of being sustainable are to reduce waste and to help the environment. However, drawing attention to it is also an effective method to improve a company’s chances to stand out from competitors and improve it’s Marketing position.
With so much competition in today’s market, having a range of policies and processes which clearly outline what your business is doing to be more sustainable means that any potential customer can see that as a company you are looking at the bigger picture, not just the day-to-day business operation, and serious about making continued and robust improvement.
It is an even more effective method to attract younger audiences who are more conscious about choosing to purchase services or products from businesses whose values align with their own – especially when it comes to being sustainable and environmentally supportive.
With the world and UK coming back out of the coronavirus cocoon, the effect of COVID-19 on the environment has been mixed; while dolphins did return to the Venetian canals, the misconception that the outbreak has provided a ‘nature break’ is not true, as outlined on the official conservation website.
The temporary collapse of the tourism industry means that in areas of Africa, locals who depended on that income have had to look to ‘bush meat’ (wild meat) for consumption, and illegal mining and deforestation in Asia has risen with the similar pressure on their economy since tourism has plummeted.
The importance of being sustainable and protect those areas under more pressure since coronavirus, has meant a vast amount of our society has become more aware and can apply greater social pressure on governments to make changes, which ultimately could lead to more policies for UK businesses to become more sustainable.
It’s not all bad though! With the pandemic a lot of companies have had a chance to reflect on the benefits of home working, which more than likely will mean less office space required and more employees spending time WFH ultimutely less cars on the road, reduced energy required to run the office and Kettles!