Water pH Correction Plant

Jul 25, 2019

Water and wastewater treatment has been one of the major industrial focus points for MAT Ltd in the UK.

Our expertise is delivering project solutions covers many of the processes applied by Utility companies and we ensure that even a single process unit is not taken in isolation.

We undertake detailed and outline design of the systems, including specification and sourcing of electrical, control and instrumentation.

Our clients within the industry have included:

  • Anglian Water
  • Northern Irelan Water
  • South Staffordshire Water
  • DCWW/Welsh Water
  • Veolia Water
  • Enpure/Purac
  • Southern Water
  • Scottish Water
  • Northumbrian Water
  • Imtech Projects
  • Black and Veatch

Case Study: pH Correction Plant

Our Client had a requirement to increase the pH of its potable water from one of its main supply sites by sodium bisulphite injection.

Our remit was taken from a series of discussions only, and to develop a process, mechanical, electrical and controls design package to approximately 70% completion for issue to the Client’s construction contractor. This was to be on a fixed-cost basis to meet agreed deadlines. We were required to develop the control functionality to 100% completion.

We compiled and agreed the details of our engagement, and then detailed out the top-down design information with regular input from the Client.

Initially we agreed for a new storage and dosing facility, but due to practical site constraints for access, this was relocated to a shared delivery area. Because of the use of 3D modelling, we could show the relocation

to the Client in a short turnaround to establish the feasibility of this new location.

Subsequent to the design review, the Client then decided that a redundant chlorine storage and dosing facility

may be usable in order to reduce costs. We adapted the design to show this option in addition to the previous version to enable the cost benefit to be determined by the Client.

In both options we were able to innovate and reduce the energy costs by incorporating a ground heat source into the design for the storage tanks.

The Client further expanded the remit by requesting the existing dosing point be enlarged for safety and practicality reasons.

Again by use of 3D modelling, we enabled the Client to visualise the building and develop our proposed construction schedule into a practical solution.

The design package was sufficiently complete that it was selected to be used as the framework contractor assessment design for the next Asset Management Cycle.

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