One of those days

Feb 13, 2020

Posted on 13th February 2020 at 15:07
Sometimes we have to take a little time out to gather our thoughts and step away from the pressure of the daily grind.

“This isn’t the sort of mouse I’m used to…”

When you feel that whatever you do doesn’t take you forward, then stop, empty your mind of those “urgent” tasks and take a moment to look after yourself.
Sitting at your workstation staring at a mouse is not going to get anything productive done so grab a change of scenery, take a brief nap and allow your brain to focus on something completely different.
Or maybe nothing at all – just the sounds and smells around you.
After a while, all of those balls you were juggling have settled down and you can pick each one up in turn to deal with it instead of concentrating on keeping them airborne.
Our office administrator (pictured) is not normally this animated.