Christmas Shutdown

Dec 10, 2019

Posted on 10th December 2019 at 11:32
MAT Ltd will be closed from COB 23 December and re-open on 6 January 2020, but we aren’t hiding and will be checking emails and messages.
Like many others, we’re looking forward to a break. But don’t forget your colleagues…
It’s the time of year that many of us are looking forward to taking some time off work and spending some family time, receiving presents, overindulging in rich food and alcohol.
Or not?
What about the people who don’t have family locally, or have had a recent bereavement? Does everyone really enjoy or indulge in alcoholic-fuelled frivolity and culinary excesses? Maybe there are some people who go to work to enjoy some human contact.
If you are closing your office for an extended period, what happens about those colleagues?
Mental well-being is a hot topic, and we all should be more aware and open about what it means and how to support each other, but how to strike that balance between support and privacy?
Not an easy one.
However, if your business is closing for the Christmas break, spare a thought for those colleagues and neighbours who may not be looking forward to a possible extended period of isolation. Maybe invite them into some of your plans, touch base with them over the period, or even just ask them to join you in walking the dog – you don’t need to be their best buddies. A bit of human contact can make a huge difference to someone who is lonely, and also works to enhance team spirit within the workplace.
And remember, the gift of time given is still a gift to be cherished.