Businesses Still Need that Person of Experience

Jun 8, 2023

Things We’ve Learned in 30 Years..

When it comes to business, tapping into that deep lake of knowledge and experience, the wise governance of ensuring decisions are made prudently and sharing the ear of someone who only wants the best without needing a personal advantage is almost a necessity.

But rapid technological changes, centralised information, and a drive for ever-deeper specialisations has led to a hollowing-out of this generalist expertise. Once, this would have been the role of senior staff on the shop floor or ex-director turned mentor, but systemisation and rapid change has pushed many of these wizards into hiding.

If you were fortunate enough to know and spend time with your grandparents, you probably would have found it a different experience from the relationship with your parents.

  • Grandparents tend to have more relaxed attitudes to things.
  • Grandparents are generous with sharing their experiences without forcing you to follow what they did.
  • Grandparents want what is best for you, not themselves, and they take pride in your achievements.
  • Grandparents know seemingly everything and even appear to be up to date in things you don’t expect.
  • Grandparents don’t react suddenly but consider and make steely, reliable decision.
  • Grandparents are… wise.
At least that was my experience and I know I’m not alone.

We speak to many small business owners, and they all wear countless hats in their businesses. Unfortunately, there is an expectation from their suppliers and service providers that we will each adhere to their (suppliers’) systems and must become experts in them all if we need help.

Just think of all the automated telephone help desks and chat bots which expect us to go through our own diagnosis on their area of specialisation as examples.

So, the value of someone with a broad experience and a decent level of knowledge is recognised as an asset often now missed in many small and medium businesses, someone to lend an ear, voice an opinion – possibly an unpopular or unfashionable one – someone to sanity check your thoughts, or just someone who’s been round the block before and can tell you what’s there without you having to make the journey.

That’s a ‘Grandpa’ figure.

Get in touch today to find out more about how we can provide that wisdom and experience to help you move your business forward and take that pressure off you.

The afternoon snooze is totally optional!