Practical Process Engineering CPD Training Course Continues

May 26, 2023

When I was at school, I wanted to be a teacher.
Well, that’s the sort of specialist job you get exposed to at school, after all, so it’s natural to aim for a familiar career.

However, after a careers evening which showed what engineering had to offer, I was hooked.

It just felt natural. I enjoyed finding out how things worked anyway, so the idea of working with and designing what I loved was perfect!

And then, as training and experience kicked in (with a lot of support and guidance from a large manufacturing company) I found a niche in engineering combined with things that people actually need and use and a way of improving how they were made with adding some automation.

Of course, nothing ever stands still, and the enthusiasm for the processes and how they work also came back to tempt me into new areas of interest.

So, with my experience and 30 years of running my own business (I have to keep mentioning it to myself as I can’t believe it!), I seem to have arrived at this point and avoided being a specialist in anything.

Surely, that’s not how it should be?

On the contrary, that really broad general experience across manufacturing and engineering seems to offer a level of confidence for businesses who no longer have that level of experience in-house or feel they shouldn’t have to select a solution before they can identify what their need actually it.

I think I’m happy to keep being more general.

Oh, and it’s all come full-circle, as I even get to do teaching too, now having been asked to deliver part of the Practical Process Engineering CPD course at Aston University (

Thank you Clara Serrano for giving me this opportunity!

Learning is for life and training is a blessing.