Leadership Award for Director

Jan 28, 2022


Peter Francis, Managing Director of MAT Ltd, has been granted Level 7 Award in Leadership and Management by the City and Guilds Institute through CVQO.

This ILM7 award recognises the strategic leadership in his business role as director of engineering consultants MAT and his voluntary work for the Hereford and Worcester Army Cadets and focuses on six standards of: Professional standards, Communication, Leadership, Professional development, Team development and Customer care.

It is classed as the equivalent of a Masters qualification and confers membership of the City and Guilds Institute.

Says Peter:

“At my age, I didn’t see how a professional award would help my career either at work or within the cadets, but it offered me a chance to relook at my own decisions and actions and for others to actually comment on them. That gave me an appreciation that I might have been on the right lines in the first place and a sense of achievement and confidence.

“At first I didn’t think I would have much of value to submit into each standard, considering each in isolation, but once I started reviewing my decisions and actions over the last few years, the examples just showed how these standards were seamlessly applied, and everything fell into place.



“I would probably not have considered tackling this award had it not been for encouragement from the ACF, and achieving this award is just one of the ways that joining HWACF has given me a broader experience.”

“It also encouraged me to look at how my own business operates and cadet activities more closely, and find ways of making improvements, so it’s had a far bigger impact than I expected.

MAT Ltd help businesses who want to make changes to their processes to define the change clearly, to bring them in within budget and with the buy-in of their workforce and specialise in processes that involve transformation or movement.