Below is an overview of the services and solutions MAT Ltd provides. At MAT Ltd, we have been providing professional electrical engineering design services since 1993 and aim to provide the same competent and quality service..

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Conception and Outline Design

Detailed Design and Implementation

Consultancy Services

Outline design

Detail design specifications

Design checking and validation

User Requirement Specifications

Functional Design Specifications

Requirements capture and definition

Preparation of tenders

Testing specifications

Equipment and installation inspection, evaluation and quality checking

Preparation of budget and target cost schedules

Small-scale system integration, including SCADA and PLC

Nomination as the recognised Electrical Engineer where Chartered Engineers cannot be justified as a full-time investment

Enquiry specifications

O&M documentation and manuals

Site surveys, evaluation and assessment

Bid analysis and recommendation

Power single line diagrams

Noise, lightning and lighting assessment

Programming and planning for design and construction

Cable and system load calculations

Diagnostics, fault-finding, analysis and solution provision

Block cable diagrams

Instrument schedules and data sheets


Interface definition

Site equipment layout and cable routing design

Training planning, documentation and delivery


Termination schedules


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