About Us

MAT Ltd offers the highest quality of electrical engineering services on the market today. Since 1993, we have provided a superior service to our clients and have assisted them in achieving their goals. Our years of experience, reliability and commitment to excellence have earned us a sought after reputation.

Our Values

Project Delivery Balance:

Project Managers are aware that they need to balance the three factors of Quality, Cost and Programme. Our own experience of project management tells us that this is a difficult balance to achieve, often involving compromise. Various factors such as availability of resource and time pressure will put the balance at risk.

MATL offers an alternative approach which allows the client to use external resource to enhance the internal availability, at a professional level for short or medium term, for defined modules of work and, where the scope is reasonably well-defined, for a fixed fee. This approach allows the Project Manager to better control the costs, meet deadlines and be assured over the quality of the output

Clarity of Information

The execution of projects frequently loses efficiency by the interpretation, or misinterpretation, of relevant information, by selection of the client requirements and sharing the knowledge available. The information gathered from the Client is structured to a complete entity or works. However the equipment to be delivered and installed relates to a particular supplier’s scope of works, and the translation of client needs to supplier scope requires experience, skill and not a little patience.

Getting this part right means that a project can be fully planned in detail, duplicates are eliminated, omissions are minimised and construction efficiencies are maximised. It is well known that amendments or design changes implemented during construction are several factors more costly than elimination at the design stage.

To eliminate the confusion, MATL addresses this issue by offering a professional service to develop and prepare high quality, concise, unambiguous and clear documentation to enable the Client requirements to be shared between all parties across the client/supplier interface.

Client requirements are usually detailed from the end user perspective; supplier information is clearest when presented in a format relating to the equipment or service being provided by that supplier, and the intermediate design information must be transmitted to each of the parties in the relevant forum.

We are successful in ensuring that both the client understands what he is procuring and the suppliers fully appreciate their scope, whilst the main contractor can be satisfied that all areas under his scope are covered, but only by one party.

Flexibility of Approach:

Our documentation has benefited from many years of experience across a range of industries. However we fully appreciate that there is no “one size fits all” approach, and in the provision of our services, we are always careful to listen to the customer’s needs and standards, and we can often learn from previous difficulties and make sure that the information is Right First Time


It is our firm belief that a project delivery is most effective when executed in a team environment rather than in an aggressive or adversarial contract relationship. Team relationships are exceedingly important in building mutual trust, and this goes beyond just getting on with each other, to knowing exactly what everyone’s responsibilities are. Good team relationships produce remarkable improvements in productivity and quality and we do everything we can to ensure that our client relationships are healthy, mutually supportive and positive

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